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Welcome to Annobón Island 2012 DXpedition web site, where we'll give you more information about our DXpedition.

The operation will be on the air from 3C6A on February 22, to 26 and from 3C0E on February 28, to March 11.

The Callsign for Annobon Island (Pagalu): 3C0E, Grid JI28to and QSL info via EA5BYP.

The Callsign for Equatorial Guinea (Bioko island): 3C6A and QSL info via EA5BYP.

Pilot station is OD5NJ, pse contact in this mail.

"The log is uploaded to LoTW !!!

"Entity number 32 of the most wanted"

3C0E  3C6A

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EA5BYP - Elmo
EA5KM - Javier

3C0E Logo NCDXF Logo 3C6A Logo


Group Name: Annobón (Pagalu) Island. Claimed by 52,9% of participants IOTA program.
Main prefix: 3C0. Location: 1.37S - 1.45S / 5.57E - 5.65E.
Sunset in AF-039 was approximately 1.7 hours ago at 17:35 UTC.


Group Name: Bioko (Fernando Poo) Island. Claimed by 51,1% of participants IOTA program.
Main prefix: 3C. Location: 3.00N - 4.00N / 8.25E - 9.00E.
Sunset in AF-010 was approximately 1.2 hours ago at 17:32 UTC.